Nannie Berry Elementary


If you cannot find your teacher, feel free to surprise them with whatever goodies you'd like to!😎 Don't forget our related arts teachers! They do not have homerooms so adopt a related arts teacher, too!


Tiffany Clem
Drink: Stawberry Limeade
Coffee:pumpkin spice,  white choc. mocha  or hazelnutFood: snacks! anything.  Sweat or saltySupplies: holiday bulletin board decorTeam: Titans,PredsClass theme: Holiday decor, school colors or nurse decor

Mary Lee Carrigan
Drink: 1/2 sweet -1/2 unsweet tea with Lemons,  Diet Dr. Pepper
Coffee: No thanks - Hot Apple Spiced Cider.
Food: Chick-fil-A,  Chicken salad Chick - anything really
Supplies: Gel pens,  bright color large post it notes, Stickers (for the kiddos)
Team: Alabama,  Memphis Grizzlies
Class Theme: Do not have one really.  We decorate clinic seasonally.


Mrs. Blackburn
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
Coffee: Sometimes
Food: Chop House
Supplies: Flair Pens, Play Doh, Candy for students
Team: Titans, Predators
Class theme: No

Mrs. Cook
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
Coffee: Hot chocolate
Snack: Nothing Bundt Chocolate Cake, Peanut Butter Pretzels
Food: Chop House and Casa
Supplies: Play Doh, Post it Notes
Team: Vols, Titans, Predators
Class theme: No

Mrs. Sarver
Drink: Hendersonville Nutrition Loaded Teas
Coffee: Peppermint Mocha
Snack: Warm Cookies
Food: Chop House
Supplies: Clorox wipes, self laminating sheets
Team: Kentucky Wildcats
Class theme: No

Ms. Holland
Drink: Sweet Tea
Snack: White Cheddar popcorn
Food: Chick-fil-a
Supplies: Paper Towels, Laminating sheets, Clorox wipes
Team: Kentucky Wildcats
Class theme: Bright colors

Mrs. Cunningham
Drink: Unsweet Tea
Coffee: Black
Snack: Gummies, Popcorn
Food: Rio Bravo, Casa
Supplies: Post-its
Team: UNC- Vols- Suns
Class theme: No

First Grade

Mrs. Daniels
Drink: Coke
Coffee: Iced Caramel Americano
Snack: Regular chips, smart pop, milk chocolate
Food: McAlister's, Culvers
Supplies: Sharpies, laminating sheets, paper towels
Team: Titans
Class theme: Bright colors, black, white

Ms. Hammons
Drink: Root Beer
Coffee: Peppermint Mocha
Snack: Plain M&Ms, cashews
Food: Demos
Supplies: Flair pens, Post It large tablets, Clorox wipes, Paper towels
Class theme: Primary colors

Mrs. Jones
Drink: Dr. Pepper, Coke
Coffee: Iced coffee-mocha or caramel flavored
Snack: Chocolate, Starburst, Pretzels, Cheetos
Food: Anywhere
Supplies: Bright post it’s, paper towels, Clorox wipes, pretty pens Team: Colts, Gators
Class theme: No

Mrs. Reser
Drink: Sweet tea, water
Coffee: No thanks
Snack: Lays chips, peanut butter pretzels, Reese’s
Food: Mexican, Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden
Supplies: Bounty paper towels, white out tape, sticky notes
Team: TN Titans and Green Bay Packers
Class theme: Black, white, turquoise, and llama

Second Grade

Ms. Chambliss
Drink: Coke
Coffee: Starbucks, Peets
Snack: Cookies and potato chips
Food: McAlister's
Supplies: Colored pencils
Team: Vols, Titans
Class theme: Superheroes

Mrs. Rudolph
Drink: Dr. Pepper, Hint Water
Coffee: Vanilla latte, Pumpkin spice
Snack: Nothing bundt Cakes, Cookies, Dark chocolate pretzles
Food: Slim Chickens, Blossom, JImmy Johns
Supplies: Paper towels, Lysol wipes, Bags of candy 
Team: Kentucky Wildcats, Preds
Class theme: Cactus, blues, greens

Mrs. Pratt
Drink: Sweet tea
Coffee: Iced coffee
Snack: Sesame sticks, popcorn
Food: Tziki’s
Supplies: Laminating sheets
Team: Predators
Class theme: Camping

Mrs. Martin
Drink: Chai Tea Latte
Coffee: Anything vanilla flavored
Snack: Reese’s, M-M’s with peanut, Fritos, and Cheetos
Food: Front Porch, Cracker Barrel
Supplies: Expo markers, pens, and notepads
Team: Titans
Class theme: Succulents with black, white, aqua, and lime green

Mrs. Dixon
Drink: Cherry Coke, Sweet tea
Coffee: Caramel or white chocolate mocha
Snack: Sour gummy worms, snickers, pistachios
Food: Carrabba's
Supplies: Colored Astrobrights Paper, scented markers
Team: Predators
Class theme: Bright colors


Third Grade

Mrs. Cox
Drink: Water
Coffee: Regular coffee with almond milk or white chocolate mocha
Snack: Peanut M&Ms, Cheezits
Food: Brixx Pizza
Supplies: Flair pens, post-its
Team: Nashville MLS
Class theme: Harry Potter

Ms. White
Drink: Coke Zero
Coffee: Medium/Dark roasts; Kave is my fav coffee place
Snack: Reeses pieces, Take 5, Snickers, Sour Patch gummies watermelon
Food: Chick-fil-a, Zaxbys
Supplies: Cap erasers
Team: College basketball. March madness underdogs
Class theme: Bright colors, Polka dots

Mrs. McCurry
Drink: Dr. Pepper
Coffee: Dunkin Doughnuts (iced mocha latte)
Snack: Peanut butter M&Ms, Dots pretzels, Kitkat
Food: Carrabba's
Supplies: Cap erasers
Team: Predators
Class theme: Black, white, and bright colorg


Drink: Mountain Dew Baja Blast or Dr. Pepper with Cream Soda
Coffee: Any!
Snack: Twizzlers, popcorn, trail mix, Heath Bars, Cookies
Food: O'charleyś, Chilis, Carrabba's, Prince Street Pizza, Waffle House
Supplies: Erasers, highlighters, Clorox Wipes, Tissues
Team: Nashville Soccer Club (MLS), UT Vols (NCAA), Titans (NFL), Atlanta Braves (MLB), Preds (NHL)
Class theme: No


Fourth Grade

Mrs. Barrickman
Drink: Coke zero/ Dr. Pepper Zero
Coffee: No thanks
Snack: Rainbow Airheads, chocolate covered pretzels, Sour Patch kids, peanut M&Ms
Food: Chuys, Chop House, Cracker Barrel
Supplies: Skinny crayons/markers
Team: Ohio State football/ Nashville Soccer Club
Class theme: No

Mrs. Wiggins
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
Coffee: Any kind
Snack: Doritos, Reeses Cups
Food: I like everything!
Supplies: Glue Sticks, Flair Pens
Team: No
Class theme: Farmhouse

Mrs. McIlwain
Drink: Half tea/half lemonade
Coffee: No thanks!
Snack: Chocolate covered pretzels, Cheez its
Food: Any pizza place!
Supplies: Glue sticks
Team: Ole miss, Saints
Class theme: No


Mrs. Hunter
Drink: Sweet tea
Coffee: White Chocolate Mocha
Snack: Chips n dips
Food: Firebirds, Uncle Julios
Supplies: Cardstock and laminating sheets
Team: Dallas Cowboys and Brooklyn Nets
Class theme: No


Fifth Grade

Ms. Adams
Drink: Cherry coke zero
Coffee: Any!
Snack: Snickers and Doritos
Food: Jimmy Johns, All pizza
Supplies: Colored Expo Markers, Stickers, Papermate Mechanical Handwriting Pencils
Team: Titans
Class theme: No

Mrs. Hem

Drink: Coke zero, water, coffee
Coffee: Yes, dark roast or lattes
Snack: Boom Chicka Pop popcorn, dark chocolate
Food: Tazikis, Chick-fil-a, Cafe Rakka, Five Guys, Shipley's, Campione's
Supplies: 3M Command adhesives, paper towels
Team: None
Class theme: Rainbow

Mrs. Howard
Drink: Coke zero
Coffee: YES! Light to Medium roast with non-fat half and half.
Snack: Skinny Pop salted popcorn, Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate or Blueberry bites, kettle cooked plain potato chips, Mounds candy bars
Food: Chop house, Casa Vieja
Supplies: Card-stock (white), Bic Flare felt-tip pens, Expo markers in bright colors
Team: UGA Bulldogs
Class theme: Movies/Hollywood




Related Arts

Mrs. Campbell (P.E.)
Drink: Dragonfruit Refresher @ Starbucks
Coffee: Caramel Macchiato
Snack: Peanut M&Ms/ White Yogurt Pretzels
Food: Chick-fil-A
Supplies: Band-Aids/Clear Packing Tape
Team: Predators
Class theme: Health Sports

Mrs. Carroll (Music)
Drink: Earl Gray Tea
Coffee: Any!
Snack: Kind bars and Gardetto’s
Food: Chick-fil-a
Supplies: Packing tape and 2inch painters tape for marking the floor for music activities
Team: Austin Peay
Class theme: Music

Mrs. Sizemore (Library)
Drink: Sparkling water
Coffee: Any!
Snack: Nuts, dark chocolate
Food: Taziki’s
Supplies: Crayons
Team: University of Tennessee
Class theme: Books


Mrs. Diggs (Art)
Drink: Any flavor coke or Dr Pepper zero
Coffee: Yes! Drip w cream or lavender lattes, caramel macchiato
Snack: Kettle corn, chocolate in any form
Food: Chefs market, Brixx pizza, First Watch
Supplies: Glue sticks, masking tape, black or color sharpies
Team: University of Florida
Class theme: Rainbow w/ black and white my cacti

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