Nannie Berry Elementary

Bulldogs Over Broadway Calendar-1st semester

Club Meetings will now be held on first and third Thursdays

August 28th                Club Meeting @ 7:50

September 6th         Club Meeting @ 7:50

September 20th       Club Meeting @ 7:50

October 4th                Club Meeting @ 7:50/ field trip to Nashville Children’s Theatre, leaving at 8:45

October 18th              Club Meeting @7:50 & tryouts for North Pole’s Got Talent

                                                           3:45-4:30 p.m. tryouts if necessary (TBD)

November 8th           Club Meeting @ 7:50

December 18th         Proposed P.m. performance of North Pole’s Got Talent

December 19th         Daytime Performance of North Pole’s Got Talent for student body time: TBD



North Pole's Got Talent (Click the links for more) 

Costume Letter

Rehearsal Schedule

Cast List

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