Nannie Berry Elementary
For all new and returning students to NBE, all students MUST show (2) utility bills dates June or July 2018. (Accepted forms: electric, gas, water. These must be in primary parents name.) 

New Students: Must Print and complete ALL of the following forms:

2018-2019 Registration Form (English) *** Kindergarten Students who were registered in the Spring have already filled this out. 

2018-2019 Registration Form (Spanish) 

Acknowledgment of Board Policy (English) 

Acknowledgment of Board Policy (Spanish)

Inclement Weather (English) 

Inclement Weather (Spanish) 

Health Form: You need to print off both pages. 

Page 1 (Front Page of Health English)

Page 2 (Back Page of Health English)

Page 1 (Front of Health Spanish)

Page 2 (Back of Health Spanish

Residency Form (English) 

Residency Form (Spanish

TN Migrant Education (English) 

TN Migrant Education  (Spanish)

Military Service (English) 

***To expedite the registration process, you may complete the parent survey online and print the "Thank You" completion page for our documentation process. Please put your child's name and grade at the top. Turn on registration night. Thank you for helping us reach out 100% goal for participation in the survey. 

Additional Forms for New Student Registration: (Incoming 1st- 5th Grade Students ONLY) 

Records Request (English) 

Home Language (English)

Home Language (Spanish)

Special Information (English) 

Enrollment Documentation
Our enrollment policy requires that you provide the following documentation before your child is eligible to attend school at Nannie Berry Elementary. Tennessee State Law requires the first two items and the Sumner County Board of Education requires lat two items.
▪ Certified Birth Certificate (not Mother’s Copy)
▪ TN Immunization Record with proof of medical exam
▪ Photo ID to identify parent/guardian enrolling a child
▪ Two Current Proofs of Residency confirming that you reside within the Nannie Berry School Zone. See acceptable forms of residency below.
Acceptable Proofs of Residency
(Proofs of Residency must be dated within 60 days of the day you register to demonstrate in-zone status.)
▪ Legal document/lease showing proof of residency for a specific address (Notary public or typed/handwritten letters from the landowner are not accepted)
▪ Current bill assigned to a specific address—electric, gas, water. (Cell phone, medical, and credit card bills are not accepted)
For new student enrollment inquiries, please contact:

Mrs. Peggy Gigax, Attendance Clerk 615-822-3123

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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