Nannie Berry Elementary
11:00 AM Cunningham Cook
11:05 AM Holland  
11:10 AM Sarver Blackburn
11:15 AM    
11:20 AM Sommer Jones
11:25 AM Barber Hammons
11:30 AM Bono  
11:35 AM    
11:40 AM Driver Pratt
11:45 AM Hines Dixon
11:50 AM Skelton  
11:55 AM    
12:00 PM Cox Justus
12:05 PM Rudolph  
12:10 PM White McCurry
12:15 PM    
12:20 PM Wiggins Hunter
12:25 PM Barrickman Frith
12:30 PM    
12:35 PM Barba Bailey
12:40 PM Hem  
12:45 PM Adams Howard

Our Shared Vision

Sumner County Schools is a collaborative culture of high performing students, teachers, and school communities.

Mission Statement

Sumner County Schools commits to growing learners who are college and career ready through quality instruction, effective use of resources, building a collaborative culture, and strong leadership.