Nannie Berry Elementary

Backpack Food Program

Neighbors Helping Neighbors………Students Helping Students

               Here at Nannie Berry, we are always looking for ways that we can help our students learn to their full capacity, allowing them to grow in confidence that will last them a lifetime.We are made aware more and more every year that proper nutrition plays a huge role in how a child focuses on and retains information that is given to them while in school.For this reason, we have a program here called the “Backpack Program.”

  • What is it?A program that provides students in need of nourishment over the weekend with nutritious and easy to prepare food for Saturday and Sunday.It is packed in a zip lock bag that can easily be slipped into students’ backpacks.
  • Where does the food come from?As best we can, we support this program through private donations, donations from local churches, food drives done by our Compass partners, and food drives done here at NBE
  • How does it work?Volunteers pack a specified number of bags, and then on Friday, they are placed into the backpacks of the qualifying students by school teacher, counselor, etc. while all other students are out of the classroom.
  • How does a student qualify?A list of students is compiled using several different methods by school administrators.Parents/Guardians can also contact the school if they feel their family could use this service.
  • How long does this program last?Meals start going home as soon as students are identified at the beginning of school and continue until the end of school unless it is determined the student/family is no longer in need
  • How long will a student receive this program?Students can receive this help as long as they need it.We realize that some needs are short term, while other needs will remain.
  • Is it confidential?

Our Back-Pack Program is in desperate need for more donations. Below is a list of items included in our backpack meals.  If you would like to donate items, or are interested in helping support the program through monetory gifts, please contact Kathryn White at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.."

*Single serve microwavable meals in the small cups **Biggest Need!
*breakfast items (Oatmeal to Go bars, Hidden Valley oatmeal bars, Nutrigrain bars)
*shelf stable milk boxes; chocolate and/or white (similar size as juice boxes; found at Publix, SAMS, possibly Kroger) **Biggest Need!

*snack items (chewy granola bars, fruit snacks, fruit roll-ups, individual plastic pudding

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